The most complete logistics partner in Møre og Romsdal We handle all types of logistics services, from document management to bespoke transport solutions.

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Elements working together Efficient solutions for road haulage, air freight and sea freight – and our own terminal facilities

Tyrholm & Farstad – a company built on long tradition and extensive experience of industry in Møre og Romsdal

Tyrholm & Farstad is one of the oldest logistics companies in the region. Our location at the heart of the maritime cluster in Sunnmøre has given us valuable insight into different industries and clients – insight that has always informed the development of our services.

All types of logistics services for industry in the region 
We have brought together sea freight, air freight and goods terminal services at the region’s midpoint, which ensures close collaboration between important functions. Together with our unique network of partners and subcontractors, we specialise in making complex solutions simple, reliable and easy to understand.

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The best terminal facilities in the region

We have our own terminals in Skutvika and at Ålesund Vigra Airport. In addition, we offer warehouse facilities at multiple strategic locations in Europe.

Furthermore, we are currently in the process of constructing a new, larger terminal at Flatholmen in Ålesund. This terminal will be completed in 2024, and will provide even better facilities in addition to greatly increased capacity.

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The freedom to choose

As one of very few independent logistics companies in the region, we have the freedom to create customised solutions using multiple hauliers and transport methods. We know that efficient logistics solutions are often based on different elements working together – a chain in which each link is important in getting the goods to their ultimate destination.

Presence in the region

Presence in the region

No one can claim a greater presence in the region. We have grown and developed together with the region’s industrial base, and having such a high concentration of various functions in one locality enables us to manage the entire logistics chain and ensure that the goods reach their destination – professionally, efficiently and securely.

Skilled professionals We are a team of 40 professionals with in-depth expertise about our field and our region.

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Flexibility Skilled professionals

Tyrholm & Farstad’s team rightly has a reputation for being solution-oriented and working closely with clients to find the best solutions – even when unforeseen problems arise.

Our vision is clear We wish to be the logical choice for logistics for industry in Møre og Romsdal

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Jan Arve Hoseth Managing Director

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Morten Synes Manager airfreight

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Åge Gangsøy Manager ship clearance / broker

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