New contract nearly doubles the number of ship arrivals for Tyrholm & Farstad

Tyrholm & Farstad AS is taking over as the shipping agent for Sibelco in Åheim. The agreement means that the company will manage over 200 additional ship arrivals per year, considerably boosting its level of activity.

We provide logistics solutions to the business community. An important part of this is the provision of shipping agent and clearance services.

“We handle around 250 ship arrivals annually. The contract with Sibelco Åheim will add an additional 200 ship arrivals each year. This represents a considerable increase in our level of activity, and means we will have to expand our team from three to four shipping agents,” says CEO Jan Arve Hoseth.

Shipping agent Åge Gangsøy at Tyrholm & Farstad emphasises that the takeover will not affect the current staffing situation at Sibelco or its operations in Åheim, which ship around 2 million tonnes per year. Sibelco employs around 150 people at Åheim and approx. 10,000 worldwide.