We make the world more accessible for industry in Møre og Romsdal

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The quickest route between two points is not necessarily a straight line.

We have brought together sea freight, air freight and goods terminal services at the region’s midpoint, which ensures close collaboration between important functions.

Together with our unique network of partners and subcontractors, we have specialised in making complex solutions simple, reliable and easy to follow.

Tyrholm farstad personal

An independent logistics company The freedom to choose

As one of very few independent logistics companies in the region, we have the freedom to create customised solutions using multiple hauliers to accommodate each shipment’s specific requirements.

Air freight

Air freight

Sea freight

Sea freight

Terminals and warehousing

Terminals & storage

A service offering developed for companies in the region

No one is more familiar with the needs of our region than us. We have developed as a company right at the heart of Sunnmøre’s maritime cluster.

As a result, we have a high level of specialist expertise in various sectors, and in close collaboration with our clients we have been able to build a number of sector-specific logistics solutions.

Tyrholm farstad airfreight

Air freight

Own terminal at Ålesund Vigra Airport

Air freight
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Norwegian clipfish exported worldwide

Efficient sector-specific solutions

Industry solutions
Tyrholm farstad personal

Experience and creativity

At Tyrholm & Farstad, you will find people who are extremely solution-oriented and who go the extra mile to find the best solutions, based on experience combined with creativity.

Jan arve hoseth

Jan Arve Hoseth Managing Director

Morten lennart synes

Morten Synes Manager airfreight

Age gangsoy

Åge Gangsøy Manager ship clearance / broker

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Collaboration is key

Collaboration is key

At Tyrholm & Farstad, you will meet people who take responsibility for handling each client’s assets safely and efficiently. We take a personal interest, and are with you throughout the journey, from document management to sending and receipt.