Road haulage throughout Europe Large capacity and precise delivery

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From door to door Road haulage throughout Europe

In partnership with the hauliers in our network, we can provide multiple weekly departures between Norway and the continent.

We also provide warehousing and terminal services at Langhus near Oslo and in Hamburg.

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From the continent to all parts of Norway

Holger Fischer From the continent to all parts of Norway

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary Holger Fischer Spedisjon, we can provide transport from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium to destinations throughout Norway.

The maritime cluster

Tailored logistics solutions The maritime cluster

In close partnership with actors from the maritime cluster, we have developed tailored logistics solutions that contribute to the efficient transport of consignments between the shipbuilding industry in the region and various shipyards across Europe, including in Romania, Turkey and Poland.

Road haulage

Visiting and delivery address Grimmergt. 5, N-6002 Aalesund
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Postal and billing address P.O. Box 1313, N-6001 Aalesund
Invoice EHF option invoice@tyrholm.no
Telephone + 47 70 11 63 00
Email overland@tyrholm.no
Customs clearance fortolling@tyrholm.no
Trond skevik

Trond Skevik Manager Overland

Heidi steinnes dyb

Heidi Steinnes Dyb Team Leader Import Overland

Anders hoddevik

Anders Hoddevik Team Leader Export Overland

Stephan Slettvoll Forwarder Overland

Tone franck

Tone Franck Forwarder LCL Import & Export, FCL Import

Gunn skarbo

Gunn-Kathrin Skarbø Transport and Logistics Employee

Vibeke klauseth

Vibeke Klauset Transport and Logistics Employee

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Elements working together

Elements working together

At Tyrholm & Farstad we have efficient solutions for road haulage, sea freight and air freight, in addition to our own terminal facilities.

Often, the best logistics solution is achieved by combining various transport methods.

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