The best terminal facilities in the region – short distances and huge capacity

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Short distances and huge capacity

We handle most types of load for containers, sea freight, road haulage and air freight through our own terminals. Our Skutvika terminal features a large container depot and its own frozen storage, refrigerated storage and dry storage.

Furthermore, we are currently in the process of constructing a new, larger terminal at Flatholmen in Ålesund. This terminal will be completed in 2024, and will provide even better facilities in addition to greatly increased capacity.


Main terminal Skutvika

At our terminal in Skutvika, we offer a full range of services relating to freight reception, handling
and storage – as well as freight forwarding for all types of goods. The terminal can handle dry,
refrigerated and frozen loads.

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The new terminal at Flatholmen

We are currently in the process of constructing a new, larger terminal at Flatholmen in Ålesund. This terminal will be completed in 2024, and will provide even better facilities in addition to greatly increased capacity.

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Ålesund Vigra Airport

Air freight terminal at Ålesund Vigra Airport

With multiple departures daily to national and international airport hubs such as Oslo, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, Ålesund Vigra Airport is a natural hub providing the shortest route out to the world.

We have our own air freight terminal at Vigra. In addition, we act as an agent for multiple companies.

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Strategic locations around Europe

Present at Strategic locations around Europe

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary Holger Fischer, we have access to warehouse facilities strategically located at Langhus near Oslo and in Hamburg.

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Terminals and warehousing

Visiting and delivery address Nedre Strandgate 61, N-6005 Aalesund
(View on Google Maps)
Postal and billing address P.O. Box 1313, N-6001 Aalesund
Invoice EHF option invoice@tyrholm.no
Telephone + 47 70 10 74 70
Duty-phone + 47 70 10 74 99
Email terminal@tyrholm.no
Customs clearance fortolling@tyrholm.no
Jan erik iversen

Jan Erik Iversen Foreman container terminal

Ronny hansen

Ronny Hansen Foreman dry storage

Kjell vegsund

Kjell Vegsund Foreman coldstore

Jan kare heitmann

Jan Kåre Heitmann Security officer

Linda lunheim

Linda Lunheim Forwarder Offshore

Jan erik myklebust

Jan Erik Myklebust Container terminal

Waldemar moras

Waldemar Moras Container terminal

Oddgeir hansen

Oddgeir Hansen Dry storage/hse intendant

Tommy pedersen

Tommy Pedersen Coldstore

Oistein akero

Øystein Akerø Coldstore

Kenneth alvik

Kenneth Alvik Coldstore

Mattias Svadling

Mattias Svadling Coldstore

Trine Sandvik Terminal Office

Kari Espenakk Terminal Office

Stefan Holmgren Container terminal

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Experience and creativity

Experience and creativity

At Tyrholm & Farstad, you will find people who are extremely solution-oriented and who go the extra mile to find the best solutions, based on experience combined with creativity.

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