Sector-specific logistics solutions Designed around business sectors in our region

Shaped around your needs Extensive experience is worth its weight in gold

Sector-specific logistics solutions take account of the needs of different industries and sectors. This makes it possible to optimise logistics processes and transport routes, thereby achieving greater efficiency.

This allows you to benefit from faster, more reliable delivery of goods – plus reduced costs and improved resource utilisation.

Scalability and flexibility 
Our solutions are adapted to your business, whether you need to handle small quantities or large volumes.

Compliant with regulations and customs requirements
International trade often involves complex regulatory requirements and customs paperwork. Our sector-specific solutions can help you to navigate these challenges and ensure full compliance with all applicable regulations. This reduces the risk of delays, fines or other problems.

Competitive advantages
A tailor-made solution contributes to shorter delivery times, improved tracking and more precise information about shipments. This provides competitive advantages – not least thanks to more loyal clients, who value reliability and efficiency.

Norwegian clipfish exported worldwide!

Norwegian clipfish exported worldwide!

The export of clipfish has a long history in Sunnmøre. Through specialisation and partnerships, we have developed efficient methods of transport that meet the industry’s logistics needs.

Parts dispatched worldwide

Parts dispatched worldwide

The companies supplying components to the shipyards of Sunnmøre lead the world in their particular fields. In addition to accompanying the ships built here “out into the wide world” through service and after-sales activities, many are now delivering parts to shipyards of all sizes across the globe.

We have long experience of the industry, and in close cooperation with Sunnmøre’s maritime cluster, we have developed several sector-specific logistics solutions.

Industries for which we have developed tailored solutions


Fishing and aquaculture



Heavy industry


Anders hoddevik

Anders Hoddevik Team Leader Export Overland

Morten lennart synes

Morten Synes Manager airfreight

Trond giskehaug

Trond Giskehaug Forwarder Seafreight



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